Now You See It….Now You Don’t. The Guide To Invisibility Cloaking.

I wore a disintegrating lace blouse from the 1930s to match the disintegrating interior of a deserted turn-of-the-century train car. Sometimes living an adventurous life means ignoring posted signs. …Like the No Trespassing sign in front of this train. Luckily, instead of posing for a mug shot, we posed for this Instax shot by the […]


The Secret Six Tips on How To Get Your Creative Mojo Rising

The snow is dusting the streets of Brooklyn….. I have been wearing pants and boots for two weeks straight. And I’m starting to feel like a trapped flower below ground that is just trying to push her way through to Springtime. Scratching and clawing. It is so easy to get in that stuck spot…especially creatively. […]


How to Rock Badass Beauty and Health On-The-Go

I’m kind of a gutter boy among a bunch of lovely ladies on tour. I wake up in yesterday’s makeup. The foot of my bunk is decorated with bras that girls have thrown at me on stage, letters with their lipstick prints are taped to the wall. When the Captain is looking for healthy food […]


How To Not Get Arrested While Trespassing In Green Facial Masks

This How To Tuesday is by personal request of Captain Maggot. There was a bus dance party last night as the wheels hit the road rambling through the Mid-West. We got to talking about life and all our adventures, all of our memories, all of the good times. The Captain thought this post of mine […]