The Instagram Challenge & The Power and Community in Our Hashtags!

Hello, Gorgeous and Wild Thing. Can we talk about for a minute how crazy this whole #cuteasfuck revolution and the #dangerdiary challenge has been blowing up? YOU ARE A POWERFUL FORCE. You make things spread like wildfire. Come and sit next to me. I bet we’re a lot alike if you’ve wandered over to the […]


4 Easy and Unique Ways To Make Your Work Space Inspire Creativity

Hello, Danger Addicts! The Danger Diary is back on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday schedule to feed your habit. ♥ Thanks for getting your fix with me. ♥ I’ve been working on several writing projects, and since I’ve switched up my home workspace, I feel like my creativity has been soaring and I wanted to pass […]


5 Quick Fixes To Beat The Blues and Kick Ass Today (VIDEO!)

Dear Danger, Sometimes I can feel myself falling into a depression or getting down and I think if I can turn it around in the beginning, I can beat it. I know you’ve talked about battling the blues before and I was wondering if you can tell me some simple things that you do to […]