How To Not Die While Going After Your Biggest Dream: 5 Easy Tips!

1. You Aren’t Done Until You’re Dead. For the last 2 months, I’ve been in my own personal Lord of The Rings journey. Hear me out: If Frodo and Sam left the Shire and walked to Mordor getting tans and drinking margaritas, nobody would give a fuck about their story. And while I’m sure they would […]


2 Reasons You MUST Hurl Yourself Into Adventure featuring a Song With Me And Maggie Maggots!

Jack White’s voice sang out in my room as my alarm went off this morning. I looked on my phone and saw this, the second my eyes opened: And we knew what we needed to do. Maggie traveled by plane and then by bus to the mountain. We’ve had a lot of adventures together since we […]


Behind the Scenes: Warped Tour and My Wild Life (in Pictures)

Circus tent stakes being driven into fields with a borrowed sledgehammer. Heat. Rope pulling it all together. Sequined costumes. Hand sewed lace stitched on the fortune teller’s dress… with every stitch a wish. Heat. Loud Music. Bodies on top of crowds moving to the roar. Laying in the grass under a trailer for shade. Wet […]


Secrets, Fortune Telling and the Emilie Autumn Experience

“With every stitch is a wish….” my Grandma used to say. Behold! Above is a little secret hint of what’s to come on the Emilie Autumn Experience on the Warped Tour. This beautiful dress that Em made will be worn by the tea leaf reader in the fortune tent. We have so many secrets to […]