Things I Think About Thursday: Walking the Tight Rope of Your Ultimate Dream

Why the eff do we put off our ultimate dreams? Because the risks are so very high. Because the success vs. failure rate for our dream could have the ability to make or break as people. In the past four days, two of my friends, Flambeaux and Miss Gemini achieved their final goals in nail […]


Things I Think About Thursday: Friendship Bonded by Fire

I never know what I’ll write here.  I wait until I wake up on Thursday morning – and I write honestly about what’s on my mind that day.  This was my first thought this morning: Abby and Flambeaux. I had heard about them because we ran in the same performance circles in New York City. […]


Things I Think About Thursday: Books Are My Version Of Drugs

I had just opened my eyes. And in that bleary in-between state of wake and dream, I could hear their voices downstairs. They were talking about writing. There is a magnet in this home that draws the writers in. We hosted the writer Chad Faries here last week. Art Superstar, Sarah Sparkles did most of […]


Strike a Pose…. Vogue.

19 hours had passed since I was wading in sewage and flood in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, when I got a text from Renegade Volunteer Crew Co-Horts, Flambeaux and Abby. When my text binged, I was expecting it to be more volunteer meet-up info, but this one was a little bit different.  Because life […]


When I Walk with the Lion – And Other Things I Learned About Combating Fear

I am proud to share this fire film with you for so many reasons, because it delves into the performance experience, and in it, I am doing something that I had been afraid to do for so long. I know what subtle fear looks like on my face, and I can see it at :17. […]