Your Recipe for Riot Grrrl Fashion: Picture Post with Tips

For the Winter of 2014, I’ll be serving up some Riot Grrrl circa 1990s. Wanna rock some fabulous basics with me? This is the recipe for your riot (in fashion that is): ♥ In the Gutter Forever. Rule Number one: Fuck it up. Destroy Perfect. Messy hair. Black smudged eyeliner. Smeared Lipstick. Attitude for days. […]


Vintage Dresses, Fabulous Friends, The Gutter… Must Be My BIRTHDAY!

It’s my birthday! At Midnight, I wore white…. because this year I say “I Do” to all of my wildest dreams coming true. I hereby say YES to: Watching the sun rise after unforgettable nights, adventures all over the world, magic old friends, delicious new friends, more “fuck-it-why-not”s, more “can-it-be-done-let’s-find-out”s, more decisions based on ‘you […]