Top 13 Inspiring Quotes from Dr. Seuss to Sid Vicious

These quotes I have taken with me over the years, memorized, and recited back in my head when I’ve been in situations when I’ve needed their wild wisdom. Here are my 13 All Time Favorites: Do you have a favorite quote you remind yourself of to encourage you? Share with all of us in the […]


3 Surefire Ways to Stick To Any Goal

We’ve all done it. I’m talking about the countless promises we make ourselves: We’re going to work out. We’re going to stick to a budget. We’re going to learn how to _______________ this year. I don’t know about you – but half the times in my life, I make these promises and forget them almost […]


My Glamour Superstar Inspiration: Candy Darling

You asked me who my glamour inspirations are and as I’m about to create my own badass gang of inspiration for 2014 – this superstar goddess came to my mind. Delving into her diary…I found her secret words to charge up her confidence…and I don’t think she’d mind a bit if I dished them to […]


Things I Think About Thursday: Dream Job in Old Town

As we cross the country on the tour bus, the snow falls down and we pass by main streets of towns with holiday lights in trees. We trudge through snow banks to explore some towns we’ve never been to before – and some towns that we have been to. We seek out the local coffeehouses […]


Things I Think About Thursday: Friendship Bonded by Fire

I never know what I’ll write here.  I wait until I wake up on Thursday morning – and I write honestly about what’s on my mind that day.  This was my first thought this morning: Abby and Flambeaux. I had heard about them because we ran in the same performance circles in New York City. […]