6 Easy Steps to Rock Out Your Dreams and Be the Badass You Really Are.

Years ago, I was on a hospital gurney with my nose hanging off my face after a rottwelier attack, and I stared at the ceiling and realized what my life was missing…. CHALLENGE. I was living in that space of comfort, of easy, of boredom, of predictable…. You know what I’m saying? Have you been […]


Summer Music Festival Survival Guide: Top 5 MUST Things To Bring

Wild. Hot. Insanity. It’s Summer Music Festival Time. And if you’ve been to one – you KNOW – there’s ways to do it right and ways to veer horribly wrong! I’m here to show you how to DO IT LIKE A ROCK STAR. I’ve performed in festivals as far off as Australia and Germany, I’ve […]


Jack White and How To Dissect Our Heroes

There was over 30,000 of us. It was body to body. Hot. Violent. I saw at least 8 different people pass out or be carried away. Security guards pulled people over the sides of gates to keep from getting crushed. I put my hand up in the air and stared at Jordan’s black arm band […]


I Was Slowly Killing Myself Before I Figured Out These 4 Things.

I was stuck.  Hard. I was in a job that I was whatever about. I was lost. The wild spirit I once had was being slowly killed off. Figuring out my story saved me. I’m not perfect. I’m fucked up, I’m raw, I’m honest and I feel every thing. I want to hurl my body […]