The Coolest, Wildest, Weirdest Things To Do In NYC: A Guide for the Freaks

I have a full on hot, wild love affair with NYC. For two years when I first arrived here, I was a tour guide on a double-decker bus, cruising down the streets in the open air introducing tourists to my lover. Here’s some of my favorite must-do, must-see picks of Gotham City: ♥  Make a […]


10 Wild Tips to Make This Your Best Summer Ever (You Won’t See These Anywhere Else…)

I hated math. I had a notebook filled with algebra equations and messy scrawled calculations. On the last day of school in 8th grade, I got off the school bus, threw that f*@ker into the air behind me and ran. I didn’t look back. The school year had rules, schedules, and guidelines. But the Summer […]


Part 3 of How To Snag Your Secret Crush: Unbridled Passion

I left the conversation over dinner with half moon marks dug in the tops of my thighs from my nails…. I am a lust addict for life. What caused my impulse to dig my nails into my flesh to keep from diving over the table in absolute desire? His story. Feed me bits of your […]


Picture Post: How To Sew Rock and Roll Style (No Sewing Necessary)

I wore this t-shirt all winter on the road. It once was a men’s large with the cool logo on the back. Not once Maggot and I got a hold of it… Rock and Roll Sewing is as easy as 1-2-3! 1. Grab t-shirt. 2. Get Scissors. 3. Destroy. Yesterday, a package arrived from my friend, […]