What I Wrote With A Stolen Pen and A Pad From A Dive Motel.

8,472 miles in 30 days. My body hums with the music of the road even when I’m still. As I’m writing this it is close to 4am. I sit in the corner of a truck stop laundry room. Hoodie up. Legs tucked under me to keep warm. The payphone on the wall is my only […]


The Struggles and Triumphs of a Dream: Shooting Revolver

A Peek of Still Footage from Revolver: One thing I have learned in the past 30 days… Dreams are not sane. You have to be willing to journey to the Seventh Circle of Hell if you want them. Vehicle breakdowns. Burned out clutches. Flash floods in Nebraska. Tire Blow-Outs. Begging favors. Pleading for permits. Going renegade. […]


The Memory Collectors In a Foriegn Film Afterlife

I woke up bleary eyed this morning with no regrets. I played music with my friends and sang into the night until the moon moved towards shifting places with the sun in the sky. I woke up late not having anything written for the Danger Diary today. With songs swimming in my head and no […]


Mirror Magic and The Secrets of the Red Room

It was in the Red Room. Angels watched over us from the ceiling. We were the only two mortals in the room. He took two golden coins out of his pocket – emblazoned with the carousel horse on one side and “House of the Rock” on the other. He dropped them into the slot and […]


The One Year Anniversary of the Danger Diary….

Friends.  It’s a Happy One Year Birthday, to The Danger Diary. It was a challenge that I made to myself – one year ago at the Blogcademy. I was only going to do it for six months, but I kept going.  You stayed with me and we shared alot. Thank you. So this happened last […]