Road Trip Adventures: Lost, Ghost Towns and Abandoned Railroads

In the last 48 hours, I crossed “lying-in-the-gutter-on-Route-66” off my bucket list. I also saw a wild coyote for the first time in my life. The road has been magic. Saturday night, we were out on the deserted plains of the Salton Sea near a Heron’s nest. I took a branch and scrawled a magic […]


How To Get Inspired SUPER-FAST in 5 Easy Ways.

My very first print article I’ve ever written came out in Faerie Magazine TODAY (pssst…..secret 15% discount code is: dangerdiary). Truth: I haven’t bought a copy of a real live magazine since Jack White was on the cover of Rolling Stone and before that I can’t even remember how long. I forgot what a source […]


How To Tuesday: How To Be An Animal

To be an animal is to be…… wild uncensored unhinged raw fearless When she texted that she was two blocks away from my apartment, I was none of these things. Yet, fifteen minutes later, I was writhing on my Victorian couch to the music she created. It was captured for all on her iPhone. And […]


Part 3 of How To Snag Your Secret Crush: Unbridled Passion

I left the conversation over dinner with half moon marks dug in the tops of my thighs from my nails…. I am a lust addict for life. What caused my impulse to dig my nails into my flesh to keep from diving over the table in absolute desire? His story. Feed me bits of your […]


Things I Think About Thursday: Midnight Adventures and the Myths of Growing Up

My text binged late last night. “Whatcha doing?” My fingers were covered in purple wax drippings, my magic bottles sealed and corked in front of me.  The pretty chains to turn them into necklaces crafted next to them. “15 minutes.  That’s it.  I swear.” I opened my door and there she stood…. Kim Boekbinder. Her […]