Magic Monday: Love Spells and the Secrets in Your Hair

Enchanting. Seductive. Bewitching.   The magic of hair has been entwined in love spells and enchantments from deep within the wells of history. It’s sexy… the old tales tell of mermaids brushing their long locks on rocks to enchant the sailors. It’s strong….Dr. Frederic Leroy found that a single strand of hair can hold 3oz […]


The Secret Six Tips on How To Get Your Creative Mojo Rising

The snow is dusting the streets of Brooklyn….. I have been wearing pants and boots for two weeks straight. And I’m starting to feel like a trapped flower below ground that is just trying to push her way through to Springtime. Scratching and clawing. It is so easy to get in that stuck spot…especially creatively. […]


How To Write the Sexiest, Most Passionate Love Letter Ever…to Yourself.

I have penned flowing cursive with luscious words to people that I’ve been madly in love with, to people I’ve had wild inspiration crushes on, to people who have adventured with me in gutters all over the world as my dear friends…. I have pressed the pen to paper in a hot, frenzy of utter […]