6 Easy Steps to Rock Out Your Dreams and Be the Badass You Really Are.

Years ago, I was on a hospital gurney with my nose hanging off my face after a rottwelier attack, and I stared at the ceiling and realized what my life was missing…. CHALLENGE. I was living in that space of comfort, of easy, of boredom, of predictable…. You know what I’m saying? Have you been […]


The Memory Collectors In a Foriegn Film Afterlife

I woke up bleary eyed this morning with no regrets. I played music with my friends and sang into the night until the moon moved towards shifting places with the sun in the sky. I woke up late not having anything written for the Danger Diary today. With songs swimming in my head and no […]


Things I Think About Thursday: A Wildly Inspirational Story

As we make our way across the country, the inspiring encounters with strangers, meeting new friends and all of you on the internet cheering us on with our journey has kept us going. This dream has become more than just two people going after their dream, it’s become a lesson in human kindness and how […]