How To Be Legendary: A Lesson from The Femme Fatales

“You can’t be afraid to say your own name in the same breath as legends.” We were in a crowd of people at a party when she said that to me, and something about it struck me. What makes a “legend”? What makes us “legendary”? I looked to some of my ghostly screen mothers for […]


How Dangerous Are You? Top 3 Tips from Femme Fatales

She was unapologetic for who she was. She walked slowly and deliberately into a room like she belonged there. She looked people in the eye when she spoke, and didn’t veer away. She held her own – in the way she carried herself and the way she handled herself with others. I found Ava Gardner […]


Magic Monday: Charmed! The Ancient Power of Charms.

Welcome to a brand new gorgeous Monday! When I can combine my ancestral magic with fashion…it’s a damn good week.  So pull up a chair and prepare to be CHARMED! Elizabeth Taylor leads you into Monday with her beloved charm bracelet….. This week’s secret is all about the power of charms…. Did you know that […]