How To Not Get Arrested While Trespassing In Green Facial Masks

This How To Tuesday is by personal request of Captain Maggot. There was a bus dance party last night as the wheels hit the road rambling through the Mid-West. We got to talking about life and all our adventures, all of our memories, all of the good times. The Captain thought this post of mine […]


How To Turn Any Day Into An Adventure: Quotes from the Road

Sundown in the Wild, Wild West on the Road. “I never use the word ‘bored.’ Every day I wake up is another chance for an adventure. I never take anything for granted.” – Beau I took this picture of Beau in New Mexico next to the courthouse where Billy the Kid was tried. Beau and […]


How To Never Pay For a Phone Charger, Power Cord or Power Converter Again

Let’s get down to it. This is one of my nitty, gritty rock and roll tips that I figured out touring on the road for five years. When you’re constantly moving and going from one city to another night after night, your brain starts functioning differently.  You find comfort in odd things, you brush your […]