Give Me Wild Fever and Let the World Fall Away

I was pressed so hard against the barricade, bruises were already showing themselves just underneath my skin. Purple yellow marks that would last for weeks. He was a mere five feet in front of me. Face Down. Bashing the microphone on the stage over and over as tears and black eyeliner streamed down his face. […]


Stories that the Moon Told Me: The August New Moon in Leo.

My love affair with the sky began with her…. She woke me up a few nights ago. Her diagonal beams streaking across my walls in my room and illuminating my little wooden bed. My life has led me to faraway corners of this world, to unfamiliar streets and musical languages unknown to me. But she […]


Magic Monday: Making a Mojo Bag (Picture Packed!)

My bare feet found the grass this morning. The sunshine found my face. The cards were waiting to whisper their story to me on Magic Moss Rock. I’m doing two tarot readings tonight and I’ve been brewing up magic mojo bags to accompany them. Wanna see a behind the scenes of the sewing magic?  It’s […]


Magic Monday: The New Moon and House Blessings

It’s a special day for two reasons…. 1. Today is the beginning of the New Moon in Pisces. I love new moons because they are the perfect time to plant seeds for the future.   The new moon is like a monthly New Year’s Day for me.  It’s a brand new cycle in a heavenly sky. […]


Magic Monday: Weaving Magic Into Your Name

In the past 30 days, I’ve been in 24 states, 28 different cities and 2 countries. We’re still rolling down that highway…in fact, this post is coming to you LIVE from my bunk on our traveling bus…. Good Morning, World! And as you can imagine, I’ve met a lot of people on this journey….in coffeehouses, […]