Magic Monday: The Keys to Adventure

  It happened again this morning. The bleary eyed walk from our tour bus to hotel. I pulled my road beaten hoodie over my head to hide the bird’s nest in my hair. A family was walking out just as I was struggling with my two purple suitcases to get in. The laces of my […]


Magic Monday: Postcards From Your Past Self

Secret Treasures of Souvenirs.  A few lines of scrawled text.  A picture.  Personal accounts of adventures. They were the closest things to finding a message in a bottle in the sea. When I first came across them, I was 7 years old at an antique store on Cedar Lane. They were stacked in a shoebox. […]


Magic Monday: Things My Grandma Told Me by the Lagoon

She was born on January 6, 1929. That girl child was “born with the veil”. Folklore that stretches from old Europe to the Louisiana bayou will tell you that a child born with a veil will have the ability to hear and see spirits, and has the gift to foresee the future. That child of […]


Magic Monday: A Charm to Bring Yourself Back to a Place

Just got off a 15 hour flight from our South American Tour… so I’m putting this magic goodness out there and passing the F out. Today’s charm is inspired by the beautiful people of Latin America. Thank you for being so kickass, passionate and LOUD! Every single second being in your presence was sizzling. This […]