Radical Self Love, an Interview with Gala Darling!

Her name is Gala Darling. The first time we ever met, we were 73 steps below the city street, surrounded by candles, rose petals and incense. She sat directly across from me, our connection immediate. We were underground, and just like the best seeds which take root to form and grow below the earth to […]


How To Make Your Wildest Desires Come True.

If I asked you what you wished for in life….. what would you whisper to me? I think it all started with the stars. It was the stars and that childhood poem, a spell that when uttered by my small self just learning language made everything seem absolutely possible. Star light, star bright, First star […]


The Secrets Of Spring You NEED TO KNOW.

I was born in the Springtime. And every year, when the vibrant blossoms bloom from what was a bare skeleton of a branch, I am reminded that I can do the same. The one thing that I know from a childhood of growing up among magic and myths… was that we can use the seasons […]


Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, My Darling Danger Addicts! What a wild and gorgeous week is waiting for us….. this wild girl is getting the last of my business taxes in and having a wild shipping party at the post office. Come back tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday for your fill of Danger Diary posts this week. We’ve got […]


Your Witchy Wednesday 3 Card Tarot Reading!

My Danger Darlings… This one is for you. I am sitting in my sunny little garden spot in the Brooklyn, looking at the magic doodles of Lauren Michelle and the cards were calling to me…. This is what they said: 9 of Cups: The WISH CARD! When this gorgeous card is thrown into the deck, […]