How To Not Die While Going After Your Biggest Dream: 5 Easy Tips!

1. You Aren’t Done Until You’re Dead. For the last 2 months, I’ve been in my own personal Lord of The Rings journey. Hear me out: If Frodo and Sam left the Shire and walked to Mordor getting tans and drinking margaritas, nobody would give a fuck about their story. And while I’m sure they would […]


How To Tuesday: How To Be An Animal

To be an animal is to be…… wild uncensored unhinged raw fearless When she texted that she was two blocks away from my apartment, I was none of these things. Yet, fifteen minutes later, I was writhing on my Victorian couch to the music she created. It was captured for all on her iPhone. And […]


How To Tuesday: Six Tips to Smash Writer’s Block

In the next 48 hours, my book proposal will be finished. Every single thing that I experience I look to for possible inspiration. A possible chapter. A mini-story within a chapter.  I have had to move on a deadline, scrawling thousands of words on a page by the day.  And all the while, I need […]