My Favorite Cool and CHEAP Things To Do This Summer (no matter where in the world you find yourself!)

Warm Days and Hot Nights of Summer…..YES, PLEASE. I’ve got a weird and wild life. As a performer for a living – some months I’m like – “HEY! Road trip adventure! I’m buying – hop in!” and then there’s those other months where I’m like – “Man, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are awesome for […]


Top 12 Date Night Movies of ALL TIME (for Freaks)

Punk Rock. Kink. Spirits. Showgirls. Video Games. Rock and Roll. Writing. Bank Robberies. It’s how I showed him I loved him. Broke and curled up on his couch in college, we would use movies to express what we were about, what we were into. We would take turns picking them… carefully selecting what we wanted […]


How To Walk In High Heels – The Do’s and Don’ts

On last year’s European tour, I wore them so much for our wild exploring and adventuring days, that they were affectionately dubbed my “sneakers” by the crew.  As in “We’re going to walk to the top of the Eiffel Tower, go grab your ‘sneakers’.” And grab them I did.   Cute vintage burgundy 3″ high heels.  […]


How To Live Wild: A Video Post

On October 18th, our Revolver Kickstarter launches. It’s brought up a lot of emotions for me. The idea of going for it – no matter what happens. The idea of walking up to your wildest dream and saying – “You. You’re mine. I claim you. I’m not afraid anymore.” And that’s a lie. You are […]


Now You See It….Now You Don’t. The Guide To Invisibility Cloaking.

I wore a disintegrating lace blouse from the 1930s to match the disintegrating interior of a deserted turn-of-the-century train car. Sometimes living an adventurous life means ignoring posted signs. …Like the No Trespassing sign in front of this train. Luckily, instead of posing for a mug shot, we posed for this Instax shot by the […]