The New York Times, Death and a Latte.

Today started with Mick Jagger singing “Emotional Rescue” at 7:45am. By 8am, the spot where I parked my car in the wee hours of this morning, was no longer legal. I purposely parked there because the possibility of a $65 ticket will roust me from bed when nothing else will. By 8:20am, I was sitting […]


The 36 Questions To Make Anyone Fall in Love With You.

I stole this page from the New York Times out of my local coffee shop and have carried it around since. It’s the article that Mandy Len wrote that contained 36 magical questions formulated by psychologist Arthur Aron to help 2 strangers fall in love. It seems to focus a lot on death and fires, […]


5 Ways to Punch Seasonal Depression in the Face

Winter sometimes makes me feel like this. Luckily, Gizmo understands. You might understand, too. So I figured that if you haven’t seen this before – it was time to put this beating seasonal depression post up! I was born in the Springtime.  I feel the most myself when Nature is blossoming around me, when the […]


Shailene Woodley and When Feminism Became the “F Word”

What does a feminist look like? This bitch. And I say that word with power and respect, as I have learned over the course of my life, that in key moments, when I have taken charge or stood up for myself, it has occasionally been what I’ve been called. Do you know what I mean? […]