The Memory Collectors In a Foriegn Film Afterlife

I woke up bleary eyed this morning with no regrets. I played music with my friends and sang into the night until the moon moved towards shifting places with the sun in the sky. I woke up late not having anything written for the Danger Diary today. With songs swimming in my head and no […]


Battling the Dark Weather in My Brain

I captioned this photo of me in the dentist office the other day: “Bring the pain.” From a girl who once had her nose ripped off by a rottweiler, everything else seems pretty tame. Yesterday, I was in pain. But unfortunately – it was the emotional kind, not the physical kind. Yesterday started and things […]


I Remember the First Time I….

experienced CARhenge. We were wild things living in a van. Everything was closed and no one was around for miles. And there it was… in the middle of corn fields and open sky. Carhenge. I have always dreamed of seeing Stonehenge, but it makes sense that this girl living out of a van, this scrappy […]