Road Trip Adventures: Lost, Ghost Towns and Abandoned Railroads

In the last 48 hours, I crossed “lying-in-the-gutter-on-Route-66” off my bucket list. I also saw a wild coyote for the first time in my life. The road has been magic. Saturday night, we were out on the deserted plains of the Salton Sea near a Heron’s nest. I took a branch and scrawled a magic […]


Adventures on the Road: Rundown Motels and Strangers.

You and me… are going on a road trip this week in the Danger Diary. Come back every day for my photo diaries as we scout for Revolver. Give me run down motels, falling apart road side attractions, the things we left behind, the old sirens of the road. Sleeping in the graveyards of yesteryear. […]