First Kiss: The 11 Secret Messages You Send

Let’s get down with one of my favorite subjects…. The Kiss. I watched this the first time with the sound off…. ) This video went viral on Tuesday, and then got a lot of flack because the people involved are models, musicians and performers – but say what you will – there is real life […]


The 3 Most Erotic Places To Touch Someone With Your Clothes Still On

  You. Yeah, you. Don’t think that I don’t see the page views soar through the roof here when I give some sassy tips. You naughty thing. Well, I’ll indulge you.  Because it’s almost Valentine’s Day.  And I know exactly what you want. I have schemes AND scientific backup.  Damn. Ready to be schooled? ♥  […]


3 Ways to Know If Someone is Great In Bed..All Before the Dessert Arrives.

The ceiling was dripping with thousands of Christmas lights. The tiny restaurant was tucked in a second floor window front in the East Village. And for the very first time I ever slid across from him for a meal, the table was so small between us, our faces were practically touching. Perfect. We hadn’t even […]