How To Get Everything You Ever Wanted (In 3 Easy Steps)

Passive Participation in Life is My Sworn Enemy. You’re here because you have a lust for life, a yearning for daily wild adventure and you are ready to DO this. Grab my hand and let’s go… The most important step on our journey is: 1.  Know Your Story. I believe that life is made up […]


How To Write Your Own Life. What’s Your Abracadabra?

With the smoke of a stage prop cigarette, I traced the words around my body into the air. The curtain opened and all of the light poured in. The hints of my curled smoke words between me and the audience… The words that I wanted on their lips after they saw me perform. I write […]


An Unforgettable New Year’s Eve – Lighting a Fire Under Your Desire.

I’ve got a secret……. And so do you. I know it. Something that is growing in the maps of your mind, leaving little postcards behind in your day dreams and your night dreams. Something that is so raw, so primal, so natural – that perhaps you can’t even utter the words out loud. When I […]


Magic Monday: Talking with the Spirits… on an iPhone

I know what you’re probably thinking…. I’d like to see the astronomical rates on that plan. I will explain all.  I promise. The idea for this post started when I snapped this picture of me backstage in the wee hours of Sunday morning at The Slipper Room.  After it went up online, I got two […]


How To Rock Red Glitter Lips

Step right up for Glamour Glitter Secrets…..REVEALED!!!! Take notes, Danger Dames……Welcome to Show Girl 101! The #1 question I get asked by women after I do my shows is…”Where did you get your glitter lipstick?” Ah, yes.  It’s a magical concoction of sorts.  A little bit of this, a little bit of that.  I mistakenly […]