Adventures in Cartomancy – A One Card Reading For You From A Brooklyn Sidewalk

My Great-Grandma, Ana, threw the cards to read the future in early 1900s Czechoslovakia. My Dad, her Grandson, is a gambler who throws the cards to hustle a good poker game. When you are born into this family, and a lone card appears on a Brooklyn sidewalk…. you take notice. Are you ready an impromptu […]


Picture Post: Your December 2014 Tarotscopes

At last, your monthly Tarotscope is back! I stayed up all last night throwing down the cards for you and then woke up this morning to finish. It’s my most intensive and well-loved blog post for the whole month. If you enjoy your Tarotscope as my gift to you, please pass this on, share it, […]


My Tarot Deck – Your Card

In my deck….there is a card waiting for you. This deck of magic tarot cards have traveled with me from tour in New Orleans in 2009 to New York City in early 2013. They have seen the world and were constant companions of mine. They know first-hand about love, adventure, travel. They have been thrown […]


Your August 2014 Tarot Horoscope with Photos and Guides

My darlings… your August Tarotscope with my Wild Unknown Tarot cards awaits you. If you crave more knowledge and magic The Parlour on Saturday at noon calls to you…. In one gorgeous hour – I take you through confidence magic, tarot and some wildness. You fall in love. Deeply. Madly. It happens. I went on a quest through the […]


Your June 2014 Tarot Horoscope with PICTURES!

My Danger Addicts…. Here’s my tarot reading gift for you for the month. If you enjoy it, please share, as it takes me so long to do – and I put so much love and energy into it – I want the world to see it. Yay! Love tarot? Join us in The Parlour every […]