How To Get Inspired SUPER-FAST in 5 Easy Ways.

My very first print article I’ve ever written came out in Faerie Magazine TODAY (pssst…..secret 15% discount code is: dangerdiary). Truth: I haven’t bought a copy of a real live magazine since Jack White was on the cover of Rolling Stone and before that I can’t even remember how long. I forgot what a source […]


Now You See It….Now You Don’t. The Guide To Invisibility Cloaking.

I wore a disintegrating lace blouse from the 1930s to match the disintegrating interior of a deserted turn-of-the-century train car. Sometimes living an adventurous life means ignoring posted signs. …Like the No Trespassing sign in front of this train. Luckily, instead of posing for a mug shot, we posed for this Instax shot by the […]