Dear Danger: Should I Stay Or Should I Go? Relationship Advice

Why do I look naked in this? Why does Burke completely bust me filming at the end? Can’t this shit be professional at all? Bringing you the most unqualified advice on the internet…. Please SHARE if you like this and want me to keep it as a regular Friday vlog. Awww yeah! Happy Weekend.


Introducing the Dear Danger Advice Column Vlog Thing!

Hey, You….♥ You need love advice? Magic advice? Living your dreams advice? Hit me with it. I’m not a professional. I’m not even sane. which is why this is going to be awesome. I’m the most perfectly imperfect friend you’ve got, babe, and we’re gonna gossip like we’re putting on red glitter lipstick side by […]


Your Witchy Wednesday 3 Card Tarot Reading!

My Danger Darlings… This one is for you. I am sitting in my sunny little garden spot in the Brooklyn, looking at the magic doodles of Lauren Michelle and the cards were calling to me…. This is what they said: 9 of Cups: The WISH CARD! When this gorgeous card is thrown into the deck, […]