How To Make Your Own Zine in 7 Easy Steps (PICTURE POST)

THIS. The number one reason you should be creating a zine is because of the above quote. Making something with your hands, using your creativity and your brain, plus speaking your mind and putting it out there in physical form helps create your own world. I grew up on punk rock zines, which then led […]


Your Own BADASS Handbook Zine and Theme Song for 2015!

I have wanted to do this since I was 13 years old. At 2am this morning, partner-in-crime – Kim Boekbinder and I pose with our ZINE! We wrote it for the New Year…a bit of a wild workbook, kickass guide and punk rock cheerleader for all of your world domination plans in 2015. You can […]


Confessions of an Analog Girl in a Digital World. #letsgetphysical

Weird Confession: I once was so overcome by reading a particular novel, that when my eyes took in the last line on the last page… tears fell from my eyes and splotted the paper and some weird thing came over me. I pressed my face to the book and licked the author’s name, so I […]